Plorez is a platform for all the young entrepreneurs and startups. We are building to facilitate and promote entrepreneurship among students and youth. Plorez believes in building a community where students can learn and interact with each other and turn their ideas into reality. We will give them the resources needed to do that because every student has a potential idea but not the knowledge and resource to make it happen.

We connect these young entrepreneurs to experts in different field and provide them with the tools needed to make their dream a reality. On the other side of coin, our revenue generation mostly comes from providing IT solution to corporate companies and organization.

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Every business or corporate is built on the firm foundation of its team and employees. Our team consists of experts in different field.


From the past 4 years in the startup and IT industry, we have worked with many big and small time entrepreneurs and built a great network on the way.


Our team focused on providing the best support for our clients of any kind. Large or small, we focus on providing top notch support for our services.


Our teams and experts are spread all over the world. From the traditional to modern marketing and technology innovation.

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