Pay Per Click Advertising

At Plorez, the Search Engine Marketing Life Cycle covers all significant milestones. Right from conducting indefinite research of the market, of your business and the mapping for both to defining KPI goals & business objectives, our specialists dedicate sufficient resources in order to build a strong campaign to beat your competition.


Researching and extracting Optimized Keywords


Comprehensive Competitor Analysis to achieve optimum results


Ad copy and landing page optimization to generate leads

Pay Per Click Advertising

The Difference we Bring!

Our experts have acquired the intellect to extract the most accurate keywords and target appropriate internet users to ensure to PPC Campaign success. While higher ROI stays a priority, we always ensure that Cost-per-Click and Cost-per-Impression are efficiently synced to achieve higher conversion rates. The following is the least you can expect from our PPC Campaign Management Services.

  • Immediately increase sales of services and products
  • Regular Performance Report to evaluate results
  • Customized campaign designing to meet specific local and global requirements.
  • Pay for what you get; no hidden costs and blind budgeting.

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