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Welcome to the new look of Plorez Go!

Hello and welcome to the new look of Plorez, we have gone through week and months while working on this new website to take on the global market to promote entrepreneurship and facilitate startups globally.

We have loads of good news, We recently expanded our team of experts and partnered with many companies that will help us to serve you better. Plorez is bringing full package service for our corporate IT Solutions but the news that you might be waiting for is the launch of Plorez Startups.

Plorez Startup is the extension of why plorez was born at the first place. Our mission was always about helping young entrepreneurs to build their business and take on the global competition. We are just taking big steps to move towards our mission. Plorez Startups will be focusing on providing acceleration services to our startups. We will be catering on the most important categories and resources that every startup needs such as an office (which is infrastructure), Incubation Centers, Mentorship, Investment or Funding, etc.

Plorez will work closely with these startups to provide these solutions. We have already partnered with companies who are specialized in the above service. We will update you shortly on the same.

Visit our Plorez Startups page to know more… We will see you soon till next time.

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